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Calendula Salve, and Dandelion Salve have anti-inflamatory properties which are said to be good for all types of aches and pains, sore muscules and joints.  They are also good for soothing dry, cracked and itchy skin.


Our calendual salve is made with pesticide free calendula petals, sunflower oil, bees wax, and cocoa butter with the addition of fragrance oil to promote relaxation.   


Dandelion Salve is made with organic dandelion flowers and leaves stepped in EVOO for 4 weeks then combined with shea butter and bees wax. 


We have four different fragrance oils to choose from:




Tea Tree

Please specify which you prefer when you order as well is which type of salve (Dandelion or Calendula)

Add $2.00 more for Magnesium oil from Ancient Minerals.  Effective for relaxation and stress relief. 


I recommend keeping your salve in the fridge when not in use and applying it after a hot bath when your skin is still warm so you can work it into tired muscles.


List is for one jar of salve. 



Calendula and Dandelion Salve

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